The championship to call yours.

It’s time to shine.

The biggest teams in South America will compete for a spot at ESL One: Rio 2020 and you can also participate.

Major, nice to meet you:

La Tribonera.

You can already hear the people screaming from the fence. That’s it. The biggest virtual stadium in the world is ready to host the best teams in South America.

More than a championship, Tribo to Major is an opportunity for everyone who dreams of reaching the competitive landscape. And now, playing at home.

Where legends are born.

Do the Peaky Blinders and go for it.

Open Qualifiers

512 teams from South America meet in knockout rounds.

Group Stage

Only 2 pass the stage and face the 4 teams already qualified.

Boom Isurus Imperial Red canids


The 4 best teams face each other in a two-out-of-three series in different maps.


The 4 qualified for the playoffs guarantee an RMR (Regional Major Ranking) score and also win a cash prize.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I register my team?

Just enter the website and register your team.

How are the Regional Rankings calculated for the Major?

The Regional Rankings for the Major will be based on points, and the point value of the events closest to the Major will be higher than previous events. However, we will not have a breakdown before we finish the RMR events for the year.

Will there be Minors for the Rio Major in November?

There won’t be Minors for the Rio Major in November. The regional rankings will be used to determine all 24 teams for the Rio Major in November. There will be no other way for teams to qualify.

What happens to the teams that were invited to the May Minors?

For the first series of the Regional Ranking Major in May, teams qualified for the May Minors (and/or the qualifiers for those Minors) will be invited to participate in the competition of their respective region. For subsequent RMR competitions, participants will be invited based on their regional ranking, with additional places available for the teams determined by the qualifiers.

What determines in which region a team competes?

Given the circumstances, team regions are determined by their current location.

What happens if a team changes its region?

The Regional Rankings for the Major only represent the performance of one team in relation to the other teams in the region. Therefore, any change in the region by a team will result in a reset of team rankings points.

Can a team change its roster?

Teams can change up to two members of their roster before an event at the cost of 20% of team points per player. It is possible to adjust the roster before the “block” of the roster for each Major’s Regional Ranking competition.

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